Why Massage Feels So Good

Why Massage Feels So Good

When you receive a massage, your body experiences a surge of well-being hormones like dopamine and serotonin. This delightful reaction helps reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels in the brain.

Massages awaken pressure receptors that boost vagal activity. As this powerful cranial nerve engages, your heart rate slows, blood pressure reduces, and stress hormones lessen.

Embrace this remarkable chemical cascade with each soothing touch.

Release of Feel-Good Hormones

Your brain releases happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin during the massage session. These make you feel good and help to relax. At the same time, the stress hormone cortisol drops off.

Why does this happen? Well, when someone massages you, they put pressure on certain spots that trigger these effects. The vagus nerve plays its part too. It's one of the 12 main nerves in your head and has jobs linked to heart rate control, among other things.

When it gets going during a massage, those pressure points are activated. Guess what happens next? Your heartbeat slows down which means less blood pressure as well as fewer stress chemicals floating around inside you. That’s not all, though. Our brains are wired to react differently depending on how we're touched. Gentle or harder presses seem just as helpful for back pain!

This tells us there are lots more still unknown about why touch feels so amazing, but seeing folks respond physically while getting massaged is telling. Sometimes, people even cry because their bodies need an emotional clear-out! For real peace after lying down for some skilled hands-on work. You can't beat that sense of calmness touching brings out from deep within ourselves!

Soothing Deep Tissue Stimulation

As you lie down, smooth sheets welcome your skin. The massage begins; a skilled touch eases tightness within. This deep tissue stimulation works wonders beneath the surface.

Muscle soreness melts away after tough gym sessions. Studies show this isn't mere comfort. It's healing in action! Massage dampens post-exercise inflammation and speeds up cell repair, aiding recovery.

Fragrant oils add another layer to treatment efficacy during massages with scents that do more than please the nose. They spark brain activity. You might not see it, but you feel it. Grapefruit oil has enkephalin-boosting power for natural pain relief, while marjoram lifts serotonin levels for tranquillity, helping muscles relax even deeper under firm pressure from experienced hands.

Lavender allows calm waves to wash over you as ylang-ylang taps into endorphin release, which is not just good feelings but potent aids against discomfort, too. So when fingertips press expertly into flesh, there’s actual science at work transforming tension into ease, proof of our body's incredible reaction to human touch combined with nature’s essence.

Relaxing Mind and Body

When you lie down for a good massage, your body gets to work. The touch sensors in your skin send messages straight to the brain. These tell of hands kneading away tension without causing hurt.

As muscles loosen under skilled fingertips, those nasty C-fibers, pain messengers, are quietened down, too! It's as if there's less room for discomfort signals. Your blood flow ramps up during this process. It sweeps through like extra lanes on the motorway, so everything moves better underneath your skin.

This eases muscle tightness and kindles recovery where needed most. Your mood may lift while stress fades because parts of the brain linked with emotions enjoy more circulation now. You walk out feeling light and at ease after being well-massaged.

Massage taps into your body's need for touch, easing tension and promoting relaxation. As expert hands work on muscles, blood flow improves, washing away stress hormones. Your brain releases endorphins, too.

At TiAmo Massage, every stroke is a step towards tranquillity. It's not just pampering but vital self-care that rejuvenates both mind and body alike. Experience this blissful escape from daily strains as skilled therapists at TiAmo bring you the profound comfort and relief you deserve through the power of healing touch.