Maximum hygiene & care

At our relaxation spa the following precautions are taking place to prevent the spreading of COVID-19

Masks used during session
Room disinfected after each treatment
  • ● Aerosol disinfectant Sprays for rooms after treatment and throughout the day in reception areas.● All introduction lounges are disinfected throughout the day.● After each treatment, plinths get disinfected and wiped down.● Doorknobs gets wiped with alcohol throughout the day.

  • ● Hand sanatizer available for all staff and gets used frequently as well as clients● Anti bacterial hand wash in all bathrooms● Dettol added to our laundry● Savlon and Dettol sprays in our bathrooms for showers

For the protection of our clients and all staff, everyone is required to wear a mask and practice social distancing at Tiamo Relaxation Spa at all times.
The following will measurements applies to all guests and staff at all times without exception:
● On arrival all clients, guests and staff’s temperature will be taken with a handheld temperature scanner● Wearing a mask before entering the building will be a requirement● Should you not have your own mask our security  will hand you a disposable surgical mask and a fee of R20 will be added to your bill.
The health of our guests and staff is of upmost importance therefore all guests and staff will wear masks through the duration of their visit to the establishment including the duration of the treatment.
● All staff and guests are to sanitize before entering venue and on departure with sanitizing hand spray and going through sanitizing booth.● All areas in the venue will be disinfected throughout the day with disinfectant foggers● Each room and all furniture in therapy rooms will be disinfected after each treatment.
Therefore it is highly advisable for our guests to pre book therapy room before arrival and preferred lady.
● Our introductions will be replaced by viewing ladies from our catalogue, thereafter the preferred ladies will introduce themselves● Free Refreshment will be a bottled water or can of cold drink on departure.
Unfortunately no more alcoholic or non alcoholic refreshments will be served on arrival or during your stay as any refreshments will require removal of masks.
All these measurements are taken to keep our venue open for relaxation services for our guest and free from the spread and transfer of Covid-19.
We trust that all our guests will understand these measurements are for your safety.
Warmest Regards,TiAmo Owner, management and therapists